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mexicanthessaly said: Hi, I was wondering if you had any advice for a cold water tank. I wanted something small-ish for my desk and was hoping to make it as natural looking as possible. I wanted something like white cloud minnows that are hardy and don't seem to need much maintenance. Any advice would be welcome.

Hey I feel ya, some days I regret having like 8 nano tanks to take care of and ain’t nobody got time for that.

SO, for cloud minnows I hope it’s at least a 10 gallon because they are schooling fish! Plants that do well are your basic stuff like crypts, vals, anubias, hygros and java ferns:D They’re not very fussy in my experience, just a decent light and add water!

If 10g is too big for you, I’d try shrimp instead. They do well in 1 gallon and plus.

who-didnt-invite-me said: Hi There! I was hoping I could pick your brain if you wouldn't mind or had nothing better to do :P I am going to be getting a 10 gallon tank next week and want to get it set up right. I have seen your posts on planting but I just wanted to make sure I did it right. You said you put aqua soil or something? What exactly is that and do you know where i might get it? And do you put in directly on the bottom? do you just put aquarium rocks over it and what is it's purpose? Thanks!

Hey there! I don’t know if I missed any of your questions, but I’ll answer what I (think I) read!

1. By aqua soil I mean something like Fluval Plant Stratum. Incidentally, that shit is cray expensive, so I go no name brands from LFS. Also, you can buy regular ol’ Miracle Gro (organic only)!

2. When you first put soil into your 10 gallon, you just wet it first with tap water, take a handful and squeeze out the excess water and then scoop it into the bottom of your tank to build a thick enough layer for planting. Rocks and sand on top is optional. I used to do it to stop debris from floating up but has since gotten lazy:p

3. You can get quite a lot of shrimp in a 10 gallon. I say up to 30? I have over 10 in my 5 gallon and they’re pretty chill. As a beginner, go with cherry shrimp or anything from the neocardina family. As for snails, nerites of any kind are your friends. They are FANTASTIC cleaners. Otherwise, apple snails can be fun but be prepared…they’re messy and they can get huge. I personally don’t like pond snails, but ramshorn snails are pretty but breed like rabbits.

4. I always give business to LFS before big chains like petco, petsmart, etc. If you don’t have any LFS nearby, try the aforementioned chains. They have plants usually for cheap.

I know you didn’t ask about this, but after you plant everything and set up your light, don’t forget to let your tank cycle for 2 weeks min. Shrimp are really freaking sensitive and I have lost my share due to impatience.

Anonymous said: All of your fish are beautiful!

OH YOU! But thank you:) And they thank you, too. 

My bettas, who are not happy they are the subject of me testing out my new flash for my canon:p

mourning-wolves said: Hello! I found your amazing blog and wanted to let you know that I added you to the Aquatic Directory on my sideblog, fuckyeahaquaria, under the 'Betta' category. If you'd like to be removed, just let me know. Your blog is one of my favorite Betta blogs I have found so far. :)

Aw thank you:)


Look at how much Sokka’s colour has changed. He used to be very pastel purple with just a hint of red on his anal fin~

His brothers had a lot of red on them though, and their fins were much more opaque than his have ever been. You can actually see through all his fins c: 

Being able to get such close up shots shows that the scaling over his eyes isn’t as bad as I thought they were, so I will continue to keep him in here because he’s really thriving in every other way~ He’s my baby. 


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Over the past few days I went on some adventures and ended up rescuing this little guy xD his tank was bright green and had very little water. Now he’s happy! Oh yea and his name is Steve Buscemi :3

I am always a fan of hilarious names people give their pets, but especially bettas! He’s a beaut!!

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