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Extreme tank keeping, but maybe not that extreme.

A closer look at my planted vase (2 gallons). Bunbury has joined us on the living room fish table, since I moved my axototl with my gecko and got rid of my halfmoon’s 1g bowl (he’s in an evolve 4 now!)

So, so glad his blue is now more prominent and he’s more active overall. But check out his lips, eh? 


The fronts (and sides) of my tanks were always covered in algae. I used to clean it, but then realized it was a war I can’t win. However, since i bought those nerite snails, my sides have never looked this good. EVER. If your pet store sells nerite snails, BUY BUY BUY!!! Clean out their entire stock, especially if you have multiple tanks or just a 20+ gallon. 

1 year ago

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